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We are based in the city centre of Wolverhampton and have been providing wigs wolverhampton for over 25 years. We are based in the city centre of Wolverhampton and have been providing wigs wolverhampton for over 25 years. We provide wigs for all types of reasons from a fashion wig to a ladies wig needed as a result of chemotherapy.

Mens Wigs & Systems:

Mens Wigs Wolverhampton are often referred to as ‘systems’ or ‘hair replacement’ – what they provide is the non surgical answer to hair loss and a full head of good looking hair. If you have any form of hair loss and want to find more then take up the opportunity of a free consultation where we can explain more about how a system is for you.

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If you are experiencing hair loss, thinning hair or pattern baldness and would like a full head of hair then we can provide the wigs Wolverhampton you are looking for. We have private discreet cubicles within the salon and offer free consultations.

Ladies Wigs Wolverhampton:

We can provide a custom cut and styled ladies wigs to meet your needs and requirments. Whatever your circumstances the end goal is to have great looking hair and with our expertise we are able to provide this with a wig. We provide more than an out of the box service – you can have any hair style and hair colour that you wish as we fit and style just like having your own hair done.

Colors Available

How does it all work?

Book Your FREE Consultation

Book a free consultation and visit us – we can discuss you needs and give you advice on the best system for you.


Measure & Design

We have systmes in stock so if you wanted to go ahead we could actually fit and style on the day – you leave the salon with a full head of hair!. Normally though a second visit is needed within 10 days for the fit and style.


Fit & Style

Your system is ready and fitted, cut and styled. Our video below shows Gary carrying out the whole process and is well worth a watch. You can have the exact colour and style you want and the wig Wolverhampton system is blended with your exisitng hair to create a full head of natural looking hair.


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Few questions and answers
about this hair loss treatment London:
Is it very secure? – YES!
Swim & shower? – YES!
Custom hair design? YES!
Popular? – YES! All over the world

Visiting our salon:

We have clients from all over the UK who travel to our Wolverhampton salon – we understand how important your hair is and finding the solution to your hair loss will make a huge difference.

We are based in Wolverhampton City Centre – and have clinets you travel from all over the UK.

If you are looking for hair replacement Wolverhampton then we are worth the journey as we can create long lasting fantastic results.

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