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Receding Hairline Treatment


We offer a receding hairline treatment - if you are experiencing thinning hair at the front which is receding and you would like a full head of thick hair then we may have the solution suitable for you. We have over 25 years experience proving non surgical hair loss solutions in the form of hair system, which are used the World over and have clients travel to us from all areas of the UK.

What we provide is a 'partial hair system' that is fitted at the front and acts as a receding hairline treatment. It is then blended with your existing hair at the back and sides to create a full head and fringe of hair, which can be styled to however you wish.

Receding Hairline.

We can offer the treatment for thinning hair & receding hairlines...

As you may have already found out there are many different treatments, solutions and answers out there to hair loss in general and a receding hairline - what we offer is an every increasing alternative non surgical receding hairline treatment. It's the affordable answer to your hair loss concerns and the results we are achieving are fantastic - it really can provide you with a full head of hair.

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Treatment for receding hairline.

We have been established for over 25 years!

  • Non sugical
  • Fitted in approx 1 hour
  • Discreet un-noticable
  • Blends with existing hair
  • From only £250

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Few Q's and A's about
hair replacement systems

Secure and fixed? - YES!
Can I shower and swim? - YES!
Comfortable and no-sweat? - YES!
Any hair style? YES!
Last 12+ months? YES!
Popular solution? - YES! Worldwide

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