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Hair loss treatment in Wolverhampton


If you are experiencing hair loss in the Wolverhampton area and are looking for hair loss treatment Wolverhampton then a hair replacement system from ourselves will provide you with a full head of natural looking hair. We are based in Wolverhampton City Centre and have been for over 25 years. We provide the non surgical answer and treatment to hair loss and have clients who travel from all over the UK.


If you have watched our video above then you will see the results and we don't need to convince you anymore - but if you do need some more information and advice feel free to come and visit us - book in for a free consultation.

Our hair systems are also the solution for receding hairline treatment Wolverhampton - we fit a partial system and integrate with your existing hair.

Hair Loss Men.

How does it work?

Hair replacement systems provide a full head of natural hair, cut and styled to any hair design. The are provided all over the world as the best non surgical 'treatment' for hair loss. In its basic form the following explains how it works:

1) We take a measure of your balding area - the system fits this area only (if pattern baldness, full head systems also available).

2) The system is the cut and integrated with any existing hair so that it is blended and there is no 'line' and from the eye non-one will know it is not your own grown hair.

3) We then cut and style your system to any hair design that you wish and you have a full head of natural looking hair!


Few questions and answers!

Is it secure? - YES!
Can I swim? - YES!
Comfortable? - YES!
Any hair design? YES!
Is this common? - YES!

You will be suprised how many men in
the UK have replacement systems
fitted and styled.

Just a few steps away from a full head of hair!

Hair loss treatment Wolverhampton.

Get in touch and book your free appointment today!

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