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Are you experiencing female pattern baldness? We provide hair systems and wigs and with over 25 years experience have the expertise to help you in finding a solution. Hair loss accurs in many forms and is very common across the World, with non surgical female pattern baldness wigs you can have a full head of great looking hair.

We understand the importance of hair and the difference it can make and over the last 25 years have built great knowledge of the many medical conditions and the different approach to each.

Our speciality is the custom cutting and styling of wigs - the overall look needs to look natural and suit you, personally - this is something that cannot be achieved with an 'out of the box' wig or hair system and we take great pride in every client leaving our salon with great looking hair.

Female pattern baldness

We can provide a wig for all types of female pattern baldness.
We have clients from all over the UK.

Female wigs.

Pattern baldness in females is a little different to male balding in that the hair loss usually occurs on the top and crown, starting with the hairline becoming wider through the centre hairline. The front hairline often stays as it is apart from maybe receding slightly which is normal with age. Female hair loss rarely results in complete baldness as it can do in men.

The service that we provide:

We provide hair systems and wigs that give a full head of thick hair, if you have female baldness in the crown area for example then we can fit a hair system wig just at the area of hair loss and then integrate and blend with your existing hair. All is colour matched and this way we can create a natural looking blend and any style that you wish.

... and wigs for all other types of hair loss or thinning hair.


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