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Do you suffer from thinning hair, patchy baldness either from natural reasons or a medical condition?

If you are, and do not want to risk surgery or take un-proven tablets for this problem, non-surgical hair replacement Oxford could be the answer to your prayers.
Non-surgical does not mean a wig but refers to a system that helps to produce completely natural looking hair.  You can choose a style that fits in with your own hair as far as colour, thickness, length, curls etc.

The procedure involves the attachment of a membrane to the scalp either using glue or tape.  If you wish to remove the hair replacement Oxford on a regular basis then tape is the best option.  If, for example, you regularly go swimming then waterproof glue would be more appropriate.  Both methods are secure and will not come loose.

See how it all works - watch our video below...

The hair in the membrane, which will already have been matched to your existing hair, is then cut, styled and blended in with your natural hair so that the appearance will be extremely realistic and will give you confidence that no-one will be able to tell the difference.

The advantages of this type of treatment are therefore:

  • Non-surgical treatments provide a very effective alternative to medical treatments, as tablets do not always work for some people.

  • Surgical transplants sometimes involve using existing hair and simply moving it.  There is therefore unfortunately the risk of losing more hair from the donor area.

  • Non-surgical hair replacement Oxford treatment does not interfere with your existing hair.

If you have decided that a non-surgical treatment is the way forward for you...

Just a few steps away from great hair:

  • First contact us and arrange for a private consultation.  This would be done in complete privacy and with no pressure.  We can answer any questions you may have and show you examples of the work we have done.

  • Once you have decided that this is what you want, we would need to check your hair in respect of type, density, colour etc so that we can exactly match the right system for you.

  • Some systems are kept in stock but usually it takes less than a week to order and be ready for a fitting.  If you wanted a made to measure hair system Oxford this would take somewhere between six and eight weeks.

  • The next, and most exciting, event is where you visit us again and the new system is fitted, trimmed and styled to fit in with your existing hair.

Hair replacement Oxford.

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Our salon is in Wolverhampton - we have clients from across the whole of the UK. For over 25 years we have been providing non surgical hair systems and are less than 2 hours from Oxford.


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Few Q's and A's you may have...

Any hair style? YES!
Is it very secure? - YES!
Can I shower and swim? - YES!
Comfortable? - YES!
Popular solution? - YES! Worldwide

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