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Natural Ladies Wigs for Women

We provide the complete cutting and styling of ladies wigs.

I’m sure you will agree that the final look and finish of your hair is important – and this need not be any different with ladies wigs. We ensure each and every client has a natural look that suits them.

We also understand that each client is different, you may be looking for a wig due to medical reasons such as hair loss due to chemotheraphy or alopecia.

Or like many of our clients want a fashion wig so you can have a different hair style that is easy to manage!. Rest asured that over the years we have gained the experience that will ensure the service you recieve is second to none.

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Styles of natural ladies wigs.
Cut & Style Ladies Wigs.

Many different types and styles…

As you can see to the left ladies wigs are available in many different types and styles. This includes the bases of which the hair is attached too and the density of the hair itself. We carry a munber of natural wigs in stock but also can order for your exact needs. We also offer the complete made to measure bespoke option where the base is made and moulded to fit.

Fitted, cut and styled…

We provide more that an ‘out of the box’ service, as mentioned above the most important factor is the overall look and finish. To achieve a great natural look this requires more than ordering a wig and placing it on your head. We fit (and show you how to do it correctly) and then cut, colour and style to how you want it to look. Once its fitted its like having your hair styled as you would normally!

Example of types and styles…

Top Extensions Hair Enhanced
Joy Top Extensions

Colors Available

Dawn Top Extensions

Colors Available