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Non Surgical Answer To Hair Loss Hair loss, thinning hair or pattern baldness? Free Consultation   We can help.

Hair Replacement – For Men

Experiencing hair loss? – we provide the answer to a full head of hair!

As you have reached this page you are no doubt experiencing hair loss – this maybe thinning hair, pattern baldness from natural reasons or due to a medical conditiion. Either way what you are looking for is the solution so that you can have a full head of hair? We specialise in non surgical hair replacement – there is no surgery and knives or needes don’t go anywhere near you! – having surgery is risky and there really is no need to go down this route as non surgical hair replacement provides what you are looking for. You can have any hair style that you are looking for, short spikey hair, long curly hair – whatever suits you and whatever style you want, we can achieve this. You may also be pleased to know that the price is alot cheaper, typically starting from £475 or £750 for a made to measure, you can have a complete undetectable hair system that is comfortable and looks great. Don’t wait any longer, we offer a free consultation, so why not complete our quick form and book in – we’ll then go through any questions and concerns that you may have and show you how you can have a full head of hair.

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How does it all work?

First of all we are hair stylists – the most important thing is the final look and hair style, right? This is where we have the advantage we know how to cut and style hair and ensure each and every customer leaves the salon with hair looking as they wish. Non surgical hair replacement is a straight forward process – there are three main steps to great hair:

FREE Consultation

You book in when it is convenient, its all relaxed and one-to-one in a private cubicle. This is where you can ask as many questions as you want, have a feel and tyr out a hair system. Bring along some photos of how you previously looked with hair or a some styles that you have found of how you want your hair to look.

Measure & Design

If your keen (and we are confident that you will be!) to go ahead then we can take measurements of you head and/or area of baldness, match up the density of any existing hair and also do a colour match. If you want a made to measure system then we can take the mould of your head at this time. We then take all this info and your hair system is ordered ready to the fitted.

Fit & Style

This is the exciting part where we fit your system and you leave the salon with a full head of hair! – it takes about 1-2 hours but the process involves fitting and then cutting and integrating your existing hair so that it is all undetectable and looks completely natural. We then cut and style as though you had come in for a normal hair cut to ensure the style suits you and that you are happy with it. All done – you leave the salon with a full head of hair and no more hair loss!

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Suitable for my hair loss?..
Our systems are suitable for all types of hair loss – full head or pattern baldness. Hair systems fit the exact area of hair loss and is then integrated and styled to look natural and unique.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quick fire questions and answers!…

Our systems last 12+ months. We provide a maintenance sheet and talk you through how to look after your hair.

If you have pattern baldness r existing hair will grow and need cutting like normal. It will need blending and integrating with your existing hair, every 4-6 weeks.
Clients usually visit us for this ‘maintenance’.

No you can leave your hair in place for weeks – it depends on your lifestyle and varies client to client, but you can remove and re-attach every day or leave in place for 4+ weeks.

Either using a tape or glue – it depends on your lifestyle, if you swim regulary then a waterproof glue is the answer, if you plan to remove often then a tape is best for you. All is very secure and will not come loose at all.
You could leave the salon with a full head of hair in less than 2 hours – what we need is an initial visit where we chat and take some measurements and then you come back for a fit within the week, which takes about 1-2 hours.
We are in Wolverhampton – have parking available are are also only a short walk from the main train station and bus depot. We have clients who travel from all over the UK.

What are the final results like?…

Its often suprising how much difference having a full head of hair makes – no doubt the main difference is it takes years off you!. Over the years we have provided non surgical hair replacement for clients from all over the UK. As you can see from the photos below I’m sure you will agree the before and after results are impressive! – join this list and get in touch today.

It can also be suitable for Receding Hairlines – find out more….

Hair loss types men.

Watch our video below! – everything you need to know:

Already use a system? – we provide the complete maintenance and style service…

We provide high quality long lasting hair systems but do offer a cut-in and maintenance only service where we will cut and style your hair system that you have brought elsewhere. All our services are carried out in private cubicles by a member of our experienced team and we can ensure the final look and style looks great. We have clients from all over the UK and welcome all enquiries. Prices start from £45.

Meet Jay, 30 years old – non surgical hair replacement before and after…

Jay, client with hair replacement fitted

Suitable for anyone – all types of hair loss…

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