Swimming with a hair replacement system?

Is it okay to go swimming with a hair replacement system?

One of the most common questions we get asked is if it is okay to go swimming and shower with a hair replacement system – the answer is YES! – no worries about it coming loose or unsecure.

If you are active with sport and are likely to go swimming then we use a special type of waterproof fixing so that you can shower and swim without any issues.

When we say swimming with hair replacement systems we mean a general swim and shower – suba diving or bombing in the pool we would not like to confirm is ok (although we have not had anyone test this for us as yet!).

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Can I just stop my hair loss and re-grow my own?

In general and being sensible you can shower, wash your hair and swim whilst having a hair replacement system fitted. The more you get your hair wet then you will have to re-apply and re-set your system.

If you wash your hair every week then your system should stay in place for a few weeks without any need to touch it (apart from using the comb and maybe a little gel!).

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