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Best solution for you and understand the importance in the final look

… amazing custom wigs for all types of hair loss or thinning hair…

We specialise in ladies wigs and hair systems to give a full head of great looking hair. With over 25 years experience we can help find the best solution for you and understand the importance in the final look and feel of your hair.

For all ladies wigs West Midlands contact us to book an appointment, we can chat through what you a looking for and discuss your requirments – there is a huge range of wigs available and we also offer the complete custom cut and style, we can create any hair style that you wish.

We understand the various different reasons for hair loss and thinning hair – whether you are experiencing natural hair thinning or hair loss from having cancer treatment we can provide the solution for you.

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Ladies Wigs West Midlands
Few questions and answers
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Is it very secure? – YES!
Swim & shower? – YES!
Custom hair design? YES!
Popular? – YES! All over the world

Ladies Wigs West Midlands:

Visiting our salon:

We have clients from all over the UK who travel to our Wolverhampton salon – we understand how important your hair is and finding the solution to your hair loss will make a huge difference.

Type of ladies wigs West Midlands:

There are many reasons for hair loss and needing a hair wig – we look at some of the different types of ladies wigs West Midlands below…

Hair loss / thinning hair – the reason for hair loss is varied and there is no particular type, whether you have thinning hair or have full head hair loss a wig will give you a full head of hair.

Partial systems / wigs – you may only have hair loss at the top of your head or be experiencing female pattern baldness, a hair system can be fitted to the area of balding and blended with your existing hair to create an undetectable head of hair.

Cancer wigs West Midlands – with have many clients who are looking for something a little better than an NHS wig – with our custom service we can offer cancer wigs West Midlands that are custom cut and styled.

Childrens wigs West Midlands – we are also able to offer the solution for those under the age of 18 who are experiencing hair loss with wigs for children.

Fashion wigs – maybe you are simply looking for a ladies wig that gives a different hair style, or a wig that you can fit in the morning and know you are going to have perfect hair all day! – we really can provide a wig for any requirement.

Mens wigs– often referred to as hair system we also provide the answer to male balding and hair loss.