Hair Replacement Treatment Bloxwich

Non surgical hair replacement Bloxwich is the answer to your hair loss. Okay – we are guessing you are trying to find out a solution to your hair loss and are looking for hair loss treatment Bloxwich?


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We provide just that! – non surgical hair replacement Bloxwich is the answer to your hair loss, pattern baldness or thinning hair and with our years of experience we are sure to be able to provide a great looking full head of hair, any style and design that you wish.

You may have already tried a few different solutions and treatment for hair loss, there are many different tricks and methods out there.

Some clients have even considered surgey and going under the knife! – we provide the non surgical answer – hair replacement Bloxwich is a hair system with a skin-like base that fits the area of hair loss exactly – it is then blended with your exisitng hair and provides a full head of natural hair – and no more hair loss!.

How does it all work?

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We offer completely free no obligation consultations where you can visit us and discuss in a private cubicle how hair replacement systems can provide the solution for you. We are friendly (honest!) and welcome any questions and concerns that you may have.


Measure & Design

Hair replacement systems Bloxwich are available in many different types – from the base to hair density to hair colour to size – it really is a unique system that fits you are is for you specifically. We also offer the complete made to measure custom option where everything is custom made to your exact specification. Step 2 involves the ‘design and measure.


Fit & Style

The exciting bit! – we fit and style your new hair and you leave our salon happy with no more hair loss. This usually takes around 1hr 30min, again in a private cubicle, we fit and blend the system with your own hair (if pattern baldness) and create the style that you wish. We really to provide the best hair loss treatment Bloxwich.


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Few questions and answers
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Is it very secure? – YES!
Swim & shower? – YES!
Custom hair design? YES!
Popular? – YES! All over the world

Visiting our salon:

We are based in Wolverhampton City Centre – although clients travel from all across the UK including Bloxwich. We are approx 20 mins away from Bloxwich. To book an appointment contact us via phone or our online form.

Click here for directions to us! – we are approx 33 min drive.
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