Hair replacement Kidderminster for hair loss

Hair replacement Kidderminster for hair loss. Fed up of your hair loss or pattern baldness? Looking for the answer which is going to give you back a full head of hair that is not going to be extremely expensive and mean you need to risk having surgery?


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Here at Hough’s Hair Specialists we are able to provide the solution – hair replacement Kidderminster does provide the answer and it is non surgical, no risk and your hair can be any style that your wish. Check out our video!

Based in Wolverhampton City Centre we are only a short journey from Kidderminster and we have clients who travel from all over the UK. We offer free consultations so feel free to get in touch and book in a convenient day and time.

We provide the non surgical hair loss treatment Kidderminster.

How does it all work?

Hair replacement Kidderminster are known as ‘systems’ which are integreated with any existing hair (if pattern baldness) so that they are blended and un-noticable from looking. Three simple steps to explain the process in its basic form:

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We take measurements of you head/balding area as the system only fits this section and dicuss the hair style you are looking for.

Measure & Design

We then fit the system and cut/style with your existing hair so that it is is fully blended and integrated. We also colour the system to ensure it is the exact colour match of your exisitng.

Fit & Style

We then cut and style your hair to create the style that you wish so that the final result is a full head of natural looking hair!

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Few questions and answers
about this hair loss treatment London:
Is it very secure? – YES!
Swim & shower? – YES!
Custom hair design? YES!
Popular? – YES! All over the world

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We have clients from all over the UK who travel to our Wolverhampton salon – we understand how important your hair is and finding the solution to your hair loss will make a huge difference.e.

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