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Hair Replacement Halesowen

The Countless Benefits of Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Systems. Does this sound like you? Some men experiencing hair loss, whether it be hereditary or due to illness, find it gnaws away at their self-confidence and self-image over time.


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They often feel stuck and without options. They often feel embarrassed in social situations and end up investing in an extensive collection of caps and hats. This doesn’t have to be the case. Many men are astonished at how easy, quick and affordable it is to be fitted for a custom non-surgical hair replacement system. Non-surgical hair replacement systems are the ideal solution for baldness and hair loss. Not only do they look great, but they are painless and affordable too!

Regular maintenance is as easy as a haircut every few weeks, just like anyone else would have.

Find a few photos of your ideal ‘look’ and contact us for a free consultation today! Fill out the form on our website or give us a call today. We are in Wolverhampton, only a short walk from the main train station and bus depot. If you prefer to drive we have free parking available.

New Found Confidence Does Wonders

While self-confidence is forged from within, the opinions and comments of others have a strong effect on our well-being and sense of self. We find that our clients who have opted for non-surgical hair replacement systems come back to us with a new found perspective–new confidence and a stronger self-image.

You’ll be happy to learn that this new found confidence comes with a very reasonable price tag as well, systems range from £475 or £750. You can count on the results of your one to two hour session lasting you a full twelve months. That equates to less than $40 bucks per month, a tiny price to pay for a new level of confidence.


Better Hair = More $$$ in Your Pocket

Having a full head of hair may not only be good for your self-esteem, it may also put more money in your wallet. Some studies show that ‘attractive’ people earn up to 5% more than their counterparts.

Other studies show that self-confidence is another driving factor that forges your career path. Have you ever critically examined why you haven’t followed your dreams to their limits? Sometimes the smallest life changes can help you feel like 100% and inspire you to go down the paths you may have hesitated at before.

We can’t guarantee that a new head of hair will land you a gig as the CEO but we can assure you that this life change will bring you a whole new level of confidence, and maybe even more money in your pocket.


No Pain but Plenty of Gain

One major advantage of our non-surgical hair replacement system is that it is completely pain and risk-free.

Surgical interventions can often cause excessive scarring, bleeding or even infection. Other nasty side effects include the potential for death of hair follicles and unnatural bald patches.

With our non-surgical replacement system you will never have to worry about these risking complications, and the result is always a full head of natural-looking hair. Better yet, the actual process of receiving a new head of hair only take one to two hours.


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