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If you have reached our website it stands a very good chance that you are looking for hair replacement Chester and trying to find out a solution to your hair loss or balding problem. We can help you and have over 25 years experience providing the non surgical answer to hair loss. Our video below shows the process of how a hair system can work for you...

Watch our video below - see the great end results...

There are many different options when looking for a hair loss clinic Chester - you may have already visited someone local and been offere 'treatments' and even maybe surgery of implanting hair into your scalp. We offer something different - hair replacement Chester - there is no surgery involved, a hair system is fitted to your area of baldness and cut and blended with your existing hair - the final results are a full head of hair, any hair style..


The process is simple - 3 steps to a great looking hair...

1) Firstly you are best to visit us and book in for a private consultation - we can chat through your concerns and show you how a hair replacement is the answer for you. There is no pressure or sales pitch.

2) If you decided to go ahead then the next stage is getting the right system - we would check hair density, coolour and type so that it matches with you existing hair. We do have a certain number of systems in stock - but usually this takes less than 7 days to order and be ready for fitting. If you decided to go for a made to measure this takes aprrox 6-8 weeks.

3) This is the final step - and the best bit! - You visit us and we fit, cut and style you new hair. The final results is the most important aspect and this is where we use our expertise and have clients from all over the UK travel to us. We can ensure the final look is undetectable and looks great. Hair replacement Chester can acheive great results.

Hair replacement Chester.

Where are we?

We are based in Wolverhampton City Centre - so approx 1hr 30min drive from Chester. We have cleints who travel to us who are looking for a hair loss clinic Chester and from all areas of the UK. We have parking available (for free) at the rear of our salon and are also only a short walk from the main city train station and/or bus depot.


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Few Q's and A's you may have...

Any hair style? YES!
Is it very secure? - YES!
Can I shower and swim? - YES!
Comfortable? - YES!
Popular solution? - YES! Worldwide

Clinic for hair loss.


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