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Hair Replacement West Midlands

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Hair replacement is the non surgical answer to your hair loss, with over 25 years experience we are one of the leading specialists in the UK. Hair replacement systems for both men and women.

Wish you didn’t have hair loss or pattern baldness? Looking at the methods, tricks, techniques that cure hair loss? The reality is that there is no special cure that will make your hair all grow back but hair replacement West Midlands provides a ‘solution’ that will give you a full head of natural hair, any hair style that you wish. You need to watch our hair replacement systems fitting and styling video below which will give a better understanding of the process involved.

We have been in the city centre of Wolverhampton for many years (over 25 years) and therefore have the experience which is needed to provide the solution to suit our client – everyone has different needs and we are able to adapt to suit the individual. Hair Replacement West Midlands is the answer to your hair loss and it is worth coming to visit us.

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Few questions and answers
about this hair loss treatment London:
Is it very secure? – YES!
Swim & shower? – YES!
Custom hair design? YES!
Popular? – YES! All over the world

Visiting our salon:

We have clients from all over the UK who travel to our Wolverhampton salon – we understand how important your hair is and finding the solution to your hair loss will make a huge difference.

West Midlands Hair Replacement.

How does it all work?

Hair replacement systems are used all over the world as the treatment for hair loss, no surgery, no tablets and a look and finish that you want. There are simple steps to having a full head of hair and the following is a brief introduction and the basics involved.

1) You book your appointment at a time and day to suit you. In a private cubicle we discuss your hair loss and suggest the best type of system, hair style and come up with a custom solution.

2) We then take measurments and order your system – (we also have systems in stock that may be suitable) – we then fit the system to fit the area of baldness exactly.

3) We then integrate and blend your system with any hair of your own (if you have pattern baldness) so that it looks natural and no-one can notice that you have a system in place. We then style your hair to the design that you want and you leave the salon with a full head of hair and no more hair loss worries!

We love to read comments and reviews…

Reasonably priced. Great staff. Polite and helpful. Found my new regular hair salon.


Had my new system fitted about 2 weeks now, I actually went for a consultation about 4 months ago and left it until I got the courage to go for the fit – I love the result! Claire was very good and helped me decide on the hair style, certainly would recommend.

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